Time travel is possible 

We're travelling in time 

Forwards onwards never backwards 

But sometimes I think in my mind 

Between me myself and I 


How we take a clock and ,make it 

Turn back its hands 


A few years, decades or centuries 

Back to an ingrained mentality 

Which you insist is in your DNA 

Back where man had all the say 

The white man that is 

Them conquerors who slay 

The other men, women, children, elders 

In their way 

Their god given right to stay 

But which god?


And if God had a gender 

He would be a woman 

Mother Nature 




Trading souls for concretes 

Jungles for a defeat 

In our natural nature 

Looking a horse gift in the mouth. 


This is why it all goes south. 



I don't know where,
in this likely fire, you'll find a room,
But in the light and sunkiss, find my gloom.
For need you I must, without you I'm blue. 

I don't know how
In this abyss where I found my voice, 
If empty, my soul, makes no noise
For in you I found the sound
my heart knows. 

It's not clear to me
How this came to be. 
And how it ends
Is still a mystery. 
But like a crow, 
the feeling lingers
and like a dove
held on my fingers... 
I look at her in awe and trust
until she flies...
She soars and she flies. 

And upsets the dust.  



January 2015


Unforgiving, Unrelenting 

Clockwork whirring 

Circle Bound 

Undenying and controlling 

Spaces, Places

Silent Sounds. 


Under Fire

Over Water 

Freely Flying 

Clockwork Crowd

In the night time 

In deny time 

Exist only 

if allowed. 


Take what you get 

Lest you forget 

To take what you came for. 


Unconsciously conscious knowing 

Phantom touch 

Imagined sounds 

Abolish! Ban! Extinguish! 

Push away 

With my mouth. 


Take what you get 

Go where you’re taken 

Learn to forget 

To be forsaken 

Learn to regret 

To be mistaken. 




Zabel - 24.05.2014


In a world

Where no one changes 

But things never stay the same 

My love for you is evil 

And holds me from my shame 


Where the wrong is all around us 

And the righteous down in jail 

The hungry feed the animals 

And I’m still waiting for my name 


All the children play with laughter 

Till they grow and look away

No one ever thought to tell them 

They were just part of the game.



I find it compelling, disgusting, repulsive

That people, and maybe I, 

Have forfeited a conscious 

To a life behind a screen

Straining to be in that white light 


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